Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bicyle Carts

Ubiquitous in West Africa, these two-wheeled push carts are everywhere.

Buying the firm that makes them is likely a good investment. :-)

I found them intriguing from a visual standpoint, parked along the side of the road looking like crosses from some great war. Or serving as lounge-chairs for workers escaping the heat of midday.

More than donkeys, these carts were used in every city and town to transport goods, piled high with everything from salt to flour to coal to plastic buckets.


  1. Looks like a good challenge for Amazing Race.

  2. Dear Mr. Neil,
    I like the third picture with all of the colors. It is so pretty. But I also like all of the pictures too. It sounds like those bags are really heavy. And the carts. It must be like all of the people who are carrying all of those bags have hard work. And it's hot in Mali, so I bet they must be sweating.



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