Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sevare - Market Day

Shopping, shopping everywhere!

This is the local "shopping mall" in Sevare.

A hive of activity, it's always fun to go to local markets where:

- It's all about commerce. If you're not buying, they're not interested.

- It's all about the locals. Pandering to visitors is non-existent.

My local market purchases were few, but they did raise a few eyebrows. I purchased some blocks of salt (always needed), and a small mirror I needed for my travel kit. My choice on the latter was between a pic of a Chinese tart or palm trees on the obverse - either way, very pink.

I think I'm the only one who will remember the desert and Mali when I see the palm trees. Oh well.

Stood on a balcony for some time watching all this action...

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  1. I *love* market photos -- the color, the vibrancy of the clothing and fresh foods . . . they give a feel for the people of a country in a way that a photo of a monument or landmark simply can't do.



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