Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Year's Eve

After finally making it to Tombouctou, we headed off on New Year's Eve for a night in the desert.

Well, truth be told it was about a 5km walk on the camels - not exactly an adventurous journey. At night, the lights of the town could easily be seen in the "distance".

But that wasn't really the point. I enjoy camels. As an animal, they have such personality, and the more you observe them, the more you feel a Picasso-esque tinge on the animal world.

It was fun to finally be here, be away from a town - albeit not that far away - and spend a last night enjoying the plentiful stars of the desert. With all the light pollution of cities, you simply do not see such bountiful displays of light. Alas, I was lacking a tripod so do not have any great night-time sky shots. Next time, perhaps.

Last two photos courtesy Heather.

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